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Mechanical Lugs with Torque BOLT

Name:Mechanical Lugs and Connectors
Cable Range: 25-400mm²

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1. Wide cable range to select.

2. Design with limitation space to use.

3. Fit the coductors that with different materials.

4.Torque-controlled shear-head bolts guarantee a good electrical contact.The special design with torque bolts can ensure the performance with electric contact.

5.Standard bolt with spanners quick installation.

Structure Feature:

1. Cabel cross-section Range: 25-400 mm²

2.Nominal for meduim volatge Cable Components can fit to 42kV.

3.Indoors and Outdoors both available.

4.High Strength body resistance with aluminum alloy coated with tin plated.

5.The Material of Conductor can between aluminium and copper.

6.Also this cable lug can be apply into the U type part that without a  wire stop.











Type Cross section (mm²) L L1 D d No.of bolt AF
BSMB-25/95 25-95 66 32 24 12.5 2 13
BSMB-35/150 35-150 110 44 28 16.5 2 17
BSMB-95/240 95-240 125 59 33 20 4 19
BSMB-120/300 120-300 139 65 37 24.5 4 22

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