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How to use the insulation piercing connector in the ground or water

Insulation piercing clamps need to be stripped of the outer sheath of the cable whether they are directly buried in the ground or used in water. Although the insulation layer of the cable core wire does not need to be stripped, its corrosion resistance is not as good as that of the outer sheath, and the outer sheath If the waterproof protection of the cutout is not good or if it is harmed by rodents, the water will break through the only line of defense and penetrate into the cable, which will reduce the insulation resistance of the entire cable, resulting in unsafe use.

Therefore, when using insulated piercing clamps in the ground or in the water, a plugging underground cable waterproof junction box or other sealing measures must be used to provide multiple waterproof protections, and ensure the safety of the power supply system for long-term use.

The cable waterproof junction box is suitable for all low-voltage power cables, communication cables and signal cables.

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