Low Voltage SL101 1KV easy tap piercing connector

This insulation piercing connector is suitable for all types of LV ABC conductors. This connector is designed for service connection in LV ABC circuit.

IPC insulation piercing connector catalog

Additional information

Model Type


Main line


Branch Line


Technical specification

  • Voltage test under water (6 kV for 1 min)
  • Standard:NFC 33 020 and the new  EN 50483
Main Cable Line: 1.5-25mm²
Branch Cable Line: 1.5-10mm²
Norminal Current: 75A
Piercing Depth: 1.5-2mm
Weight: 58g
Bolt: M6*55
Tightening Torque: 10Nm

Normal Package

Inner Package: 20pieces in inner bag, 60pieces in inner box

PCS/CTN: 300pcs

Carton Size: 45.5*36*21cm

G.W./N.W.: 19/18KGS

1kv insulation piercing connector series



Insulation piercing connector are widely used in the lighting system transformation. It will play an important role in high-efficiency, energy-saving and safe lighting systems.The excellent characteristics of IPC’s puncture structure, easy installation and no need to strip insulated wires have been fully reflected in the application of the above two projects. This greatly saves construction time, enhances safety and ensures effective energy transmission. It can be said that the design of IPC provides a fast, simple, efficient, energy-saving and reliable connection method for reducing the connection of low-voltage insulated cables.

How to install insulation piercing connector

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