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3 bolts Cu PG Clamp

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3 bolts series Copper parallel groove clamp is designed to connect two parallel bare conductors.For main side and copper conductor for tap side.Spring washers maintain pressure even at dilatation caused by temperature changes.

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3 bolts Cu PG Clamp is well manufactured to connect the double parallel line bare copper designed to connect two parallel bare  conductors.

· The Pressure  plate will be ensure the pressure cover the clamp bodys.

· The Crossover -Grooved slot will be enlarge the breaking load when the clamp be pullout or tightened with the electric line.

· Body of Clamp are well make by anti-corrosion,high tensile strength  copper.

· Stainless stell for fasteners with screw bolts ,nuts and washers.



Type Conductor Cross-section (mm²) Bolt
Cu-3Bolts-0 16-25 2*M10*45
Cu-3Bolts-1 35-50 2*M12*45
Cu-3Bolts-2 70-95 3*M12*45
Cu-3Bolts-3 120-150 3*M16*65
Cu-3Bolts-4 185-240 3*M16*70



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