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Full Copper Parallel Groove Clamp

Full Copper PG Clamp.with copper material for it’s low resistance and high current performace.Widely Cable Range for selection well equiped with conductor which is copper stranded wire or rod.

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The forged cooper material is design for the conductor for copper tto copper and in the matchable conductor range,Also it can be applicated into tap off copper conductors especially two parallel bare conductors.


Structure Detao;s:

1.The clamp has a sawtooth-shaped transverse slot and groones which can lead to fullfil the maximize degree to contact with the conductor.

2. WIth Stainless steel screw bolts and nuts ,washers.to achieve the function of  prevent thermal ratchets under cyclic loading.



Type Conductor Cross-section (mm²) Bolt
CPG-A1 CU16-70 1*M8*40
CPG-A2 CU25-150 1*M8*45
CPG-B1 CU6-35 2*M6*35
CPG-B2 CU16-70 2*M8*45
CPG-B3 CU25-150 2*M8*50
CPG-B4 CU25-240 2*M10*60
CPG-B5 CU35-300 2*M10*70
CPG-C1 CU16-70 3*M8*45
CPG-C2 CU25-150 3*M8*50
CPG-C3 CU25-240 3*M10*60
CPG-C4 CU35-300 3*M10*70


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