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Aluminum and Copper PG Clamp

Al-Cu PG Clamp are special deign with different material in separately conductor lines,with parallel groove and slot clamps with can protect the conductor for it’s insulated and high splicing forces of overhead line Conductors.

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TheAl-Cu PG clamp is usually applicated in electric transfer between mutual connection conductors. Except electric transfer,Al-Cu PG Clamp are also taked into for example as safety rings,the the PG clamp must with high reliable braking loads to secure this.


Structure Details:

1. oxidation-resistant copper with aluminum alloy for  clamp mao bodys.

2. the teeth was shaped for better tight ability,and the special structures also will be with low current resistance cost and high transfer performance.

Type Conductor Cross-section (mm²) Bolt
Al-Cu-1A 16-70 2*M8*50
Al-Cu-2A 16-120 2*M10*55
Al-Cu-3A 50-240 2*M10*70
 A type with 2 bolts.


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