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Aluminum Parallel Groove Clamp

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APG is used for connecting or branching ACC,AAAC or ACSR overhead conductors.Forging creates a high strength clamp.Slotted holes allow adjustment for varying conductors on each side. Its type test is in accordance with IEC61238-1

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APG Aluminum Parallel Groove Clamp is used for the Non-bearing connection and offset of aluminum stranded wire, aluminum stranded wire, it’s used with insulating cover for the effect of protective and insulation.



Type Conductor cross section(mm²) Bolt
APG-A1  Al 16-70 1xM8x40
APG-A2  Al 16-150 1xM8x45



Type Conductor cross section(mm²) Bolt
APG-B1  Al 16-35 2xM8x45
APG-B2 Al 16-70 2xM8x40
APG-B3 Al 16-150 2xM8x50



Type Conductor cross section(mm²) Bolt
APG-C1 Al 16-70 3xM8x45
APG-C2 Al 16-150 3xM8x50
APG-C3  Al 25-240 3xM10x60
APG-C4 Al 35-300 3xM10x70

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